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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"where the life-long, soul-deep cravings of every man and woman can at last be satisfied"

Paradise Calling by Ilze Henderson,  Fiction Review By Erica

"...Where the life-long, soul-deep cravings of every man and woman can at last be satisfied."

Donovan is woken up in the middle of the night by Professor Harvey. It’s highly unusual for him to be calling that late at night and soon Donovan’s life is changed forever by responding to this call. He is sent on an adventure with Professor Harvey’s daughter, Jennifer. They need to find a secret world her father discovered and find the missing link. Little did they know that other people are looking for this world too and will do anything, even kill, to get it.
I was really into this book. It’s got a lot of adventure, a bit of romance and at the end presents the Gospel and what God has done for us with Jesus. Although the story may be a bit of fanciful, it still gets the point across that God's spirit is in us all, in our blood. It was fun to close my eyes and try to image what this world that Donovan and Jennifer experienced. When Donovan and Jennifer were challenged with where their heart was with God it really challenged me to think more about where my life is with God.
If you like adventure, and or Christian romance books I think you will love this one. It’s a fast paced read that really sucks you in.

“A secret project is uncovered revealing a hidden portal to a breathtaking realm where the life-long, soul-deep cravings of every man and woman can at last be satisfied. Paradise Calling takes readers on an Avatar-like

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