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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Word to the End Time Church (Eye Witness)A Word to the End Time Church, by Georgie Newman, is an amazing book about Christianity and how and why Christians come to believe in the Lord.  I loved reading this book because it was a much easier read than many books about Christianity or books written by Christian authors, and I felt like I could easily relate to what Ms. Newman was saying.

I also found that it was full of useful information that helped me understand why many people are so hesitant to believe in God, what possible reasoning these people have for being so hesitant,  and why it is important that we as Christians do our duty to the Lord and tell non-believers about the Gospel and what it has to offer.

I was very touched by Ms. Newman's story of how she came to believe {I'll admit, I even teared up by it!}, and it amazes me that many more Christians have stories just like hers to tell.  This book truly is a testament to how good the Lord is, and I think that most Christians will find it an enjoyable book. 

A Word to the End Time Church is also probably a very good book for someone who is still searching for the truth to read, because it's written in such an easy and flowing way.  The story and facts are easily understandable and I definitely think it's a wonderful introduction to Christianity!

If you're interested in reading A Word to the End Time Church, you can find it online for only $11.69.

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