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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beating the Marriage Odds - Book Review!

Review by Jenilee

I always love reading marriage books! Marriage is such an important area of our lives and we can always grow as we walk through life with our spouse!

This book, "Beating the Marriage Odds", catches your attention just by reading the back cover.

It uses the example of a lemon car. If you were buying a car and the dealer told you that it had a 50% chance of being a lemon, would you buy it anyway?

Well, those are the statistics that newly married couples are walking into when they say "I do."

"The statistics are staggering. One out of every two marriages today will fail. What is the cause of such staggering statistics? What, if anything, can be done to keep couples together? This book offers concrete principles for building and sustaining a sound marriage. It outlines the most common causes of marriage failure and offers sound principles to avoid or correct such problems. Those who are considering marriage as well as those who have been married for years will benefit from real life examples and principles that they can apply to their own marriages."

I loved how the author walks you through the meaning of the traditional marriage vow and then directly shows how that is a vow made before your spouse and before God.

"For this promise to have effect, the couple must revere God." pg. 12

As we grow closer to God, we will grow closer to our spouse. What an amazing truth!

Each chapter has a great topic, real-life examples and scripture to help guide you and your spouse. 

This is a great book for all married couples. 

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