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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Missionary - Review

imageTechnically, we are all “supposed” to be missionaries.  You don’t have to travel to a foreign country to tell someone how Christ has rocked your world and changed your life.
But I actually have played the part of a real life missionary.
My time living in India with The Engineer (official name change) radically influenced my life and has had lasting ramifications.  I’m a missionary at heart . . . I love being surrounded by real life missionaries.  I desire to immerse my children in culture to give them a broader world view – so that they may know there is more than Indiana in the world.
Perhaps . . . just perhaps God will lay a nation or a people on their hearts to go and share how God has impacted their family’s life (I really need to share our story with you sometime).
It should be no surprise to learn then, that when I was offered to review the book, The Missionary, by William Carmichael and David Lambert, I forked over my reading passport for the stamp to Venezuela, where the book largely takes place.

The book took a plane ride that I wasn’t expecting.  Main character, David Eller, whose character is applauded initially turns out to make some very foolish decisions (but don’t we all?).  Decisions that nearly crush and destroy his wife (who is the love of his life – I slightly doubted), his son, and several friends.

Quite honestly, I had trouble lining up his present actions that take place during the novel with the ones that happened before the book opened up  – this man who rescued impoverished children.
But the reality is that David provides a great example for what can happen to ANY follower of Christ.  If you don’t spend daily time reading your Bible, connecting with your Savior, chatting with your Lord . . . you will find that sometimes your decisions become foolish . . . rash . . . selfish . . . harmful.
So, I suppose I like this book.  I just don’t appreciate how David Eller treated his wife.
Get hooked on the book by watching this trailer . . . and in a copy of it over at MamaBuzz.  You may also purchase it on Amazon for approximately $5.00.

This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by Bring It On Communications in conjunction with Deep River Books for this review.

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