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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


review done by Jenilee

 I have been looking at two other books from Bring It On! Communications.

The first one is Soul Truth by Wendy Pilla-Delcourt. The back of the book says, "Family life, work, activities, and social pressures consume each day. With the rapid increase in the pace of our lives, our inner desires and passions are often distracted. It is easy to forget that there is more to life than mere responsibility and performance. Sharing the very stories that have shaped her life, Wendy Pilla-Delcourt encourages you to share your life in a new way and to celebrate the gift you are to this world. The ageless, child-like spirit in all of us can capture the realms of possibility to live out the meaningful life that burns inside our very souls. With all of us called to one glorious hope for the future, we must remember that innate curiosity, that passion to pioneer the world, and the fearlessness to take a chance on something we believe in."

This book goes perfectly with what I'm teaching in our ladies Sunday School class right now from the bookSoul Print by Mark Batterson. I love how Wendy brings the thought of allowing God to use past experiences to shape and guide our future to life by telling us her own personal stories and how they have impacted her into adulthood. I really enjoyed reading her input and then asking myself the questions she gave at the end of each chapter.

The second book that I read  was Godly Personalities by Roger Deemer. 

This book is about finding our personality tendencies and why that is important. The description of this book says, "Personalities provides hope in facing common temptations, avoiding deception, patiently persevering through life's challenges, and living in peace with all people. Understanding personalities is a key to living a godly life!"

Although I got confused sometimes at where I really fell in these many personality profiles, I did enjoy reading about the differences and seeing the realities of why I do the things I do! I would like to read this one again and focus more on discovering my personality type according to this study.

So, that is a little bit about what I've been reading... what have YOU been reading lately?

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