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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day by Day with the Best of Spurgeon - Book Review!

Review done by Miguel

As one who has devoted his studies to the field of Christian Apologetics and theology, I often find myself very unsatisfied with daily devotional books. There are two major reasons why this is the case. One reason is length. For someone who is working full-time and is also enrolled in a graduate program it is difficult to spend a long amount of time each morning reading a devotional book. The second and by far the most important reason I do not like the majority of daily devotional books, is that they are theologically superficial and incredibly man-centered. Day by Day with the Best of Spurgeon has provided an answer to both of these objections.

Day by Day is a phenomenal devotional book. There is only one page of reading for each day and it is theologically rich! Dolores E. Coupland has done a great job of compiling some of Charles Spurgeon's greatest works and has placed it in short segments for the reader to chew on. This devotional is Christ-centered instead of focusing on all the things we need to do.

One of the things that just completely changed my Christian walk was when it was pointed out to me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for the unbeliever alone. Rather it is for the believer just as much as for the unbeliever. For the unbeliever it is the message of salvation and for the believer it is the message of the mercy and grace that has already saved you and allows you to glorify God daily because of that.

If you're looking for a devotional that will be focused on "being a better friend in the work place" or "8 ways to become better organized" this is not the devotional for you. However, if your desire is to wake up each morning and use a tool that will help you to be focused on Christ and his glory and his gospel then I strongly recommend Day by Day.

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