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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kelly's FIRST review on Sand to Pearls written by Heidi McLaughlin

Review done by Kelly



The first chapter of this book is above.  Please read it!  The first chapter grabbed me.  So many of the ideas and feelings resonated with my own experience.  If it touches you, as well, this may be a significant book – one that changes your life.
This book found me at a stressful time.  I was dealing with some rough issues and feelings.  Similar to what Heidi McLaughlin says about “…feeling lonely and overwhelmed with too many obligations and choices. Life is tough these days and many people feel trapped.”  I was feeling trapped.  Then I started reading Sand to Pearls and it gave me hope.  Not only hope, but tools to enrich my life and “turn sand to pearls”.  Tools to take something scratchy, irritating, gray, into something rich, beautiful and luminous.
I loved Sand to Pearls.  I have gone back to it several times when I’ve been challenged by feelings of anger and loneliness.  And each time, I find something that picks me up and gives me the hope to keep moving.


“Sand to Pearls is chocked full of wisdom, practical, joy-filled and inspiring.”- Debbie Taylor Williams
“Grounded in Scripture and the vulnerability of a sincere Christ follower, this book is a tool for women to savor and act upon.”- Nancy Beach

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