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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maximal Reserve - Review by MamaBuzz!!

review done by Mel

Maximal Reserve, by Sam Batterman, is a Christian thriller that had me on the edge of my seat from not just the first page, but the first paragraph. I haven’t read a good thriller like this in awhile, and I’ll just say that it was so full of suspense that I caught myself holding my breath, my heart racing, in several places. In my opinion, this book should be made into the next conspiracy, thriller, action-packed movie.

Phil Channing has been down on his luck for some time, trying to find a job since graduating from college. When offered a job with Axcess Energy (along with a sizable sign-on bonus) Phil knows he’ll have the resources he needs now to finally ask his girlfriend, Lisa, to marry him (with the blessing of her country club parents). What Phil doesn’t know is that this job is going to forever change his life in more ways than he could ever imagine.

As a research scientist for Axcess Energy, Phil is researching a deep place in the Atlantic Ocean, an extremely large oil reserve that stretches all the way to the tiny nation of Israel. The only problem is how to get to this oil reserve, as it is so deep that it’s beyond any of our modern capabilities. Phil and the other scientists aren’t alone in their findings, though; there is a traitor in the midst….make that several traitors, including prominent government officials and politicians. One by one people involved with this project are being killed, and Phil finds himself the target of assassins. This oil reserve could forever change life as anyone knows it, giving supreme power to the nation of Israel….but there are those who want to make sure that doesn’t happen. When Lisa is kidnapped, Phil will stop at nothing to save the love of his life.

This story has all the makings of a great thriller, from action-packed scenes (that played out in my mind like a movie) to romance to suspense, mystery, and conspiracy. There was quite a bit of violence, with some gore. The author, Sam Batterman, certainly has a way of bringing a story to life with keen descriptions and strong storylines. He weaves characters in and out of the story, along with scientific fact that could have honestly went right over my head….but he had a way of making it understandable for the average reader. This author is one I will definitely take note of; I would love to see more stories from him in the future.

You can purchase Maximal Reserve from Deep River Books for $14.99. I highly recommend this book.

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