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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"When I say we LOVED this book, that is a huge understatement!" said this blogger about a new Children's book!!

Review done by The Jacobsen Family!
I've got another amazing children's book to share with you!

Many of us have heard the Bible story about David and Goliath, and many books have been written re-telling the story.  But never have I read it told like this. "Smoothie Rock-A-Teller on the Whopper Story" by Dr. Gerald Mittmann tells the story of David and Goliath, but from the perspective of the rock that David used to slay Goliath with! Are you intrigued yet?

When I first got the book, I discovered it was much longer than I had expected; 52 pages broken up into 5 chapters.  While I knew this wouldn't be a problem for my 7 year old, I worried that it may be too long for my 5 and 3 year old to sit through. We didn't get past the first page before I realized it wasn't going to be a problem; they were hooked!  Because this is written from a different perspective, it was almost as if my kids were hearing an entirely new story all together.  The way it is written is fun and draws you in, and the illustrations are amazing as well!  More than once my son commented on how much he loved specific pictures on the pages (kudos to illustrator Gregory Cannone).

Not only does this story tell about David and Goliath, but it begins by telling about how God created everything by merely speaking, and explained that God is working with us and shaping us into who He desires us to be.  It reminds us that if God is with us, who can stand against us?  It is written in a way that makes sense to kids, and makes it fun too. One example: Being a rock, Smoothie uses different words than we do.  He calls birds "Tweeter-flappers".
"Some call them 'birds'. But what kind of a name is that? 'Birds?' Nope.  Tweeter-flappers are what they are.  They tweet and flap and flap and tweet."
Every time I read the funny names Smoothie had for different things, my kids laughed and laughed!
Another neat thing about this book is that is a devotional of sorts.  At the end of each chapter, there are review questions as well as a prayer suggestion relating to that chapter. This was good, as it got my children thinking more about the morals of the story and how God can work with them, just as he did with young David and little Smoothie.

I have to be honest and tell you that I cried when reading this book... More than once.  I took it to church and showed some of the Sunday School teachers, as well as other moms and grandmas, and they teared up as well.  It is such a great book, and a wonderful reminder of what faith in God and trusting in Him can accomplish!
When I say we loved, Loved, LOVED this book, that is a huge understatement.  My kids picked it up after I had already read it to them and read it again.  When my mom came over for dinner that night, they asked her to read it to them.  We absolutelyrecommend this book, and I am beyond excited to tell you that the author, Dr. Gerald Mittmann, has even more Rock-A-Teller books that are coming soon! We cannot wait!
Buy It: This book is one you must add to your children's book collection!! Smoothie Rock-A-Teller can be purchased online at the Deep River Bookstore for $13.99.

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