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Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Since reading this book I've been curious to learn more..." on Antipas:Martyr by Sharon Dow.

Review done by Jan
Antipas: Martyr
by Sharon Dow
ISBN: 1935265539
ISBN-13: 9781935265535

Publisher: Deep River Books (2011)
List Price: $15.99 US

 Sharon Dow has been a teacher and principal for many years. It's been her lifelong dream to write and publish books. This is her first novel. 

Dow has combined history and fiction to create the story of Antipas, a young boy living in Pergamum, the capital of Asia and center of Roman emperor worship. The story begins as Antipas comes 'of age' and begins to rebel against his father's expectations that he will be trained in Rome and follow the religion of Zeus.

Rejected by his family, Antipas finds himself having to fend for himself for the first time. His is certainly not an easy path, and it appears that he has taken up with the wrong people, as matters continue to worsen.

Eventually he meets Epaphras who teaches him about Christ and introduces him to Paul. Under Paul's guidance Antipas witnesses many miracles, marries and has a child. There are still many trials to be faced though, as Antipas follows God's will even through the worst persecution.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first chapters of Antipas: Marytr, when Antipas was young and learning his way in life. After these action-packed chapters, I felt the later part, when Antipas began to study under Paul, was a bit slow.  

Since reading this book I've been curious to learn more about the real Antipas in the Bible. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction. If you want to spend some time, really getting into the characters, give it a try.  If you read it, please let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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