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Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I like how the personal story allows the reader to connect with the author from the very beginning." - says this blogger about Be Still and Let God Be God

Review done by Kristina

Be Still and Let God Be God
by Robert Paul Baeyens
published by Deep River Books

256 pages
May 2010

Have you ever asked yourself if there is a higher power at work in your life? Can you say that you've been still long enough to hear the answer? Be Still and Let God be God can be summed up in one word - patience. Robert Paul Baeyens takes us back to a day in September of 1998. Back to a moment in time when he got a phone call from his sister. In that phone call, she spoke six words that brought him to his knees. Just six: Be still, for I am God. Robert thought upon those words for days. He came to the conclusion that "We must discover how to be still, to cease striving, to clear our heads, to calm our minds, and let God do what He does best....." 

What I loved about this book was that the author wasn't preaching. He gives you the information to choose as you see fit for your life. I like how the personal story allows the reader to connect with the author from the very beginning. So essentially, I'm "cheering" him on. I want him to find answers and in turn I am more educated myself. Once I figure out where I stand, then I can teach myself to be happy and to live my life the way I was meant to.

"Robert Paul Baeyens has been married to his wife Susie for 23 years. They have 3 children and live in Villa Park, California. Robert graduated from San Diego State University in 1983 with a degree in real estate and finance. Robert was raised in Southern California and has owned and operated his own construction company for 25 years. He became a Christian in 1978 at age 17 and started writing about his life's experiences at age 37. He is currently 49 years old." ~Be Still Today

Thank you to Bring It On Communications and Arielle Roper for offering this book to me for review!

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