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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In all honesty, are you equipped to handle the trials of life?

Review done by Mommy Does
Equipping the Warrior Woman
Valerie Ellery
ISBN-13: 9781935265702
Deep River Books- 2011

Every day we experience challenges and give so much of ourselves away. Whether we give as a woman, a friend, a spouse, or a mother, those pieces of ourselves belong to others when the day comes to an end and our head hits our pillow. Jobs demand more time, our doctors want to schedule another appointment, we have grocery shopping to do, tasks from lists to cross off, and somewhere in between there we must make time to feed our families, pay bills, craft, and make sure that we have a shower at least every-other-day. Some of that *might* be a bit exaggerated, but is it really? Do you look back at times and ever feel overwhelmed from all of the hats we wear? 

 Do you put on a smile, and begrudgingly go through your day like nothing is the matter? I do! Sometimes I just want to run off and hide in a room (Sometimes I’d even settle a white padded one with no sharp corners, just to take a moment to collect my thoughts.) But y’all know me. I’m not too picky. We are challenged by so many aspects of life.  There are times I’m sure you have felt physically and emotionally drained, as I have. Sometimes we might even experience tribulations resulting from spreading ourselves too thin. 
I’m not perfect, and I have had more problems arise from walking that tight rope of doing everything for everyone, rather than being there to support them. In all honesty, are we equipped to handle these trials of life? Do you feel like you just want to go hide and come out when everything is better, or do you duck out when it is time to confront what is bothering you? Are you equipped to handle situations that try to get the best of you?
All of these topics are covered in one way or another through 6 chapters total.

Chapter 1- What Do You Believe?
Chapter 2- Who Are You?
Chapter 3- Where Are You Going?
Chapter 4- How Do You Believe?
Chapter 5- Who Saves You?
Chapter 6- How Do You Fight?

One of the biggest things that stuck out to me about the book was "know means no." Through this book, Valerie teaches women that knowing, believing, and wearing the truths you KNOW will help you say no to the lies and deceptions that my present themselves to you. Saying No to being a nobody because you know and believe. Saying no to quitting because with God all things are possible. And for those who feel powerless, being able to say NO to powerlessness because the devil must flee because with God you can resist him. So, live your life based on truth which can help you be equipped with the ability to say no because you know. When you put on your "belt of truth" on the inside by living what you know, people will see someone who is grounded in beliefs and confident with themselves.

Throughout this book, I would read a section here-and-there between my motherly duties. I would try to read a few minutes before bedtime, and then help the little ones to bed. I took a few minutes from my days, since that seems to be the only times I could "spare." It was refreshing to be able to use this book
 as a way to take notice and apply the principles to my daily life. I could stop and remember a chapter or two I read and apply it to what was happening in my life at the time. I was able to talk with my Nuderma about what I was reading, and it made me feel a bit better that I had someone to speak with about it. 

I did like the little "snippets" offered throughout the text. Whether it was a block with "Foundation= supportive base, solid structure in Christ" or text such as
"In order for you to strongly stand, you will need to have the sword in your hand!" This refers to what we are taking into battle. Battles of everyday life. Be armed and you will be ready.

I might read more books by Valerie Ellery.  Besides the book cover, which is appropriately outfitted with a shield, I liked what I read. I don't typically read Inspirational or Motivational books, but at this time in my life...this book helped me deal with some family issues we are enduring. I didn't think I would like the book since I lean more towards Fiction novels, but was surprised with what I was able to notice about my life, and changes that need to be made.
I haven't began going to church, but I have decided to stay strong in my beliefs so that they may not waver under pressure. This is extremely evident during this next month while we have a few things happening. If you are interested in motivational books, I would recommend this book to you. If you have a friend, colleague or family member who is a female and likes motivational books, I would suggest this for them. If you need something to help you strengthen your mind, and soul I think you might like this book.

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