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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Reviews for Bring It On! Communications

I got an email from Arielle at Bring It On Communications asking if I would review some of their available books. I was so excited to see a few titles catch my eye and know that I would get to read them!

I LOVE Sheri Rose Shepherd and my girls and I have truly enjoyed reading her devotional for girls together. (thanks, Stacey!) Bring It On Communications had another of Sheri Rose Shepherd's books for review and I knew I had to choose it!

Fit for my King is a devotional style, 1 month book with recipes, scripture, prayers, and challenges for us as women. Sheri shares her story through heartwarming stories and deep treasures of truth. I've read through many of the daily readings and I'm challenged to take a month and live out the 30-day journey she writes about in this book! The recipes are simple and use everyday healthy ingredients. Many of them gluten free! I will be using some of them for sure.

I specifically like how Sheri talks about reasons we eat, discouragment or guilt or depression. She shows us through her personal journey and through God's Word how we can allow God to heal those hurt areas of our lives and ask Him to help us be fit for Him mentally, spiritually and physically. "It's time to become the best version of you! God loves you and will be with you every step of the way!"

I also chose Surviving One Bad Year by Nancie Carmichael. I was really excited about this book because theyear 2010 has been one of struggle and difficulty for me. Many changes in my health, eating habits and even in how I think about health and food have left me clinging to God and asking Him for strength. 

As I've read this book, I have found encouragement, help and inspiration. The back of the book says, "When difficult times come - and they come to us all - it helps to know that you are not alone, that you will survive, and that there will be an end to your crisis." The pages of this book are filled with encouraging Bible verses and inspirational quotes along with practical help and biblical teachings. I am thankful for this book and I am going to read it a second time, maybe even a third time. 

It's just been that kind of year... God is so faithful to send encouragement when we need it!

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