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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Midnight Rising

Midnight Rising was sent to me thanks to the author William Anderson Simpson and Bring It On! Communications.
Quick Overview:   
Avoiding the usual end time "signs"--earthquakes in various places, wars and rumors of wars, Midnight Rising focuses on less bandied indicators. Wm. Anderson Simpson points to specific geo-political alliances that are to be in place during the tribulation, the worldwide acclaim for the Antichrist, the traveling to and fro of many, and--what struck the chord in the hearts of the Evangelicals--the financial crisis of 2009 and the meteoric rise to world acclaim of our current president. Unveiling signs not commonly discussed in relation to this topic, Simpson makes a strong argument for the correctness in the Evangelical's call to action.

There is an urgent call for teaching and preaching concerning things about to burst forth onto the world stage.

If you truly believe the rapture is near-shouldn't you be gleaning some understanding of the times and seasons? .
My Thoughts:
This book is about the end times and prophecy according to the Bible.  It has an interesting take on how most current events in the United States, their relationship with other countries, and peace talks with Israel are fufilling bible prophecies.  It is a must read if you enjoy books about bible phrophecy in relation to current events.   The author gives scripture references to back up his theories.  It seems as though the author's intent is to prompt you into realizing the end times are fast approaching. 

To find out more about this book and a little bit about the author check out his website at .
Disclosure:  This book was sent to me in exchange for review.  This is my honest opinion.  To view my full disclosure please click on the link at the top of the page.


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