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Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Midnight Rising: Warning Sings to this Generation"

Book Review

Are you ready for my first book review? These will probably be less frequent than my other reviews, only because I have less and less time these days for reading! None the less, I do enjoy a good book every now and then!

I was sent the book "Midnight Rising: Warning Signs to this Generation" to review. Let me give you the facts about the book, and then I'll get down to my thoughts:

MIDNIGHT RISING: Warning Signs to this Generation
Copyright 2009 by William Anderson Simpson, Fort Valley Georgia
ISBN: 10:193526530X
Published by Deep River Books

Now onto the fun part! This is a book written by a Christian author about End Times and the prophesies about that time that can be found in the Bible. As a Christian myself, I have heard a lot of discussions and sermons on this topic. I must be honest with you. I am not interested in the topic at all. Not because I don't believe in it, because I do. I do believe that one day Jesus will return to the Earth and rapture His believers. The reason I don't like studying about End Times is that, in my mind, it is all purely speculation and it is all up to interpretation. Many Christians thought that Hitler would be the anti-Christ. This, obviously proved to be fiction.

It's kinda like when you are in English class in high school and the teacher is telling you that certain elements of a novel you are reading are symbolism. And to me, I'm thinking--why does the name "Pearl" HAVE to symbolize something? Maybe the author just liked the name.Or you get the question wrong because you thought the tone of the novel was happy, but really it *should* have been mellow.  I think things can be read into TOO much and that, again, so much of what you take from things is in how you interpret them.

Like I said, so much of Revelation and End Time prophesies are all in how you interpret them. One of the main arguments that Mr. Radmacher makes in his book is that he believes that President Obama could be the Anti-Christ.  I do not agree.

That being said, I know that a lot of Christian DO enjoy studying Revelation and the End Time Prophesies in the Bible. I think it is definitely something that tends to interest men more than women--don't know why, that has just been my experience.  If you enjoy studying about this topic, then this is definitely a book you should read! It is a short book and whether you agree with his interpretations or not, you are sure to learn a few things in the process. The book is easy to understand and he breaks down different Bible verses and what he believes they are prophesying.

If you'd like to purchase "Midnight Rising: Warning Signs to this Generation" you can go to and get your own autographed copy for just $14.99 plus shipping.

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