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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Midnight Rising Book Review

Midnight Rising-Warning Signs for This Generation

· Author William Anderson Simpson
· ISBN 193526530X
· Publisher Deep River Books
· Publishing Date September 1, 2010
· Price $14.99

William Anderson Simpson writes Midnight Rising-Warning Signs for This Generation , giving us a a deeper look into the scriptures and studies and its relationship to rapture. Simpson talks about not only reading the obvious signs of the end times drawing near but those of political view in his books. He brings to point how politically we need to change our world view on things. Which I agree with, he makes many fine points but one thing he wrote is that people , all people must want to change. We may say it, think it, but we’re only at the beginning of change I think.

I consider myself a Christian , reading how Simpson says how the “Evangelicals” can point out who they believe to be the Antichrist, has taken me back quick a bit. I’ll admit it took me awhile to finish this book as I would read something and have to walk away from it. Throughout his book he brings up many other views reading the same way, it was just a major snag for me. When I would pick it back up and start again, Simpson would write why they may be Antichrist, and dive deeper into a scripture that would explain a better meaning for his reasons. He does an wonderful job on taking you through some different views, even if I don’t agree with them. His take and explanation is well written.
The book is interesting and has brought may debates with my husband and I who read the book as well. We can literally sit for hours discussing some things in this book. The main things that heated up a debate were Simpson stand on the political view of things, which nearly always ruffle the feathers around here. My husband and I have the same stand politically, but add religion into the mix and it’s not always a very smooth discussion. We are both Christian but still have our own views and understanding of things.

I will say that Midnight Rising-Warning Signs for This Generation has sparked up some interest discussions ,amongst a few of my friends and family. Simpson breaks down and explains rapture and his take on the numerous scripture he shares throughout the books. It’s an interesting read and brings up many fine points on how we as a whole must come together. The cover itself draws you in with it's black cover and clock, with a flag in the background, Sparking the beginning of his compelling take on the signs drawing near in the future.

If your interested in reading further about the rapture this is a excellent book that can give you a better understanding of some scripture dealing with it as well as how it takes stand in today’s world.

**Disclosure-I received the book Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for this Generation to read and review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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