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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another book review for all of you to enjoy! When I saw this book, I couldn't believe the title. As a Christian nurse who also dabbled as a clinical nursing instructor, this book immediately spoke to me. Reading it only brought back flashbacks of my own clinical experiences. Probably some of the best stories to be heard can be told by nurses. The things we see and people we meet everyday all come with their own stories, often times some of the most miraculous stories you can imagine. I am so glad someone wrote a book to share not only some of those stories, but her own personal story as well.

Book details:
Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor's Journey of Faith and Self
Lois Hoitenga Roelofs
ISBN: 978-1935265375
Deep River Books 2010
List Price $13.99

About the Book
From the very beginning I could connect with Lois. Just a few short months into college I began working as a home health aide. Because I'd expressed an interest in working in pediatrics, my very first assignment was to 2 boys 1 of which was a paraplegic. Since it was my first time there, the mother of the boys walked me through some of the tasks I would need to be doing. Feeding tubes, baths, diaper changes, it was all a huge shock to my young 19 yr old self, especially with these 2 young boys. It was then that I knew pediatrics would not be for me, I was worried, but I found my niche not long after that. Lois brought this memory back to me as she struggled though one of her first rotations and  begged her parents to let her quit. Even better when she was asked to be a clinical instructor just fresh out of nursing school, it was almost like we were one in the same! I'd always wanted to be a clinical instructor and it wasn't until we moved, I was pregnant, and no hospital would hire me, that I was given the opportunity to do what I'd always wanted. This concept is a theme throughout this book.

Lois guides us through her struggles as a working mother, caring nurse, and student, showing us along the way just how faith and dedication can take you places you never thought you'd be. Her passion and strength through her journey from a student nurse to nursing professor and assistant dean is nothing less than inspiring. I love that Lois highlights the choices women are given in the healthcare field today. That no longer are nurses expected to wait hand and foot on doctors. Probably one of my favorite stories Lois told was when she tried to hide from an angry Dr. who'd come in just to yell at her for questioning him. Any nurse can share a story like this at one point or another. I am so thankful to have entered the nursing field in a generation where this is no longer tolerated (though it does still happen to some extent).

What I thought:
I absolutely loved this book and will be sharing it with all my fellow nurses. I definitely recommend this book for anyone thinking about entering the healthcare field, or those already working in healthcare. I guarantee you will find yourself laughing at some parts, crying at others, and completely relatable to Lois. If you want to be motivated and inspired, get your reading on!  

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