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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pookster and Bubs REVIEW

Pookster and the Unloose Tooth (The Adventures of Pookster and Bubs)Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle (The Adventures of Pookster and Bubs)

The Adventures of Pookster And Bubs
· Author: Rhonda Funk
· ISBN: 1935265407 (Pookster and the Unloose Tooth) 1935265415 (Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle )
· Publisher : Fish Pond Kids; Pap/Cdr edition
· Publishing Date: September 1, 2010
· Price $10.19

Pookster and Bubs are brother and sister on some silly everyday adventures that turn into lessons well learned. In Pookster and the Unloose tooth, Pookster is impatient to loose her tooth and finds a way to get it out before it’s really time. In the end she finds out that things happen when they should and patience although hard, is something she must learn. After all the hard work to loose her tooth, she’s left with an even longer wait till her next teeth come in. 

   Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle is too funny to get through and not laugh about a battle between a green sweet and sour dill pickle and the thought of Bubs stealing away her practically perfect pickle. Choosing sour words and assuming the very worst, Pookster ends up loosing the green treat when she over reacts. 
Left with no pickle at all she’s realizes that she over reacted when her brother wasn't even after the pickle but just trying to play. In the end Pookster learns that using her sour words instead of sweet ones can hurt someones feelings, and lose something she loves.  Apologizes for over reacting to her brother Pookster gets her pickle back and learns a valuable lesson on how to treat others. 

These two books were too cute!They each come with a CD so the kids can listen to the story while looking at the cute colorful illustrations. My kids love these books, a funny adorable story yet powerful lesson for the kids to learn. I’d recommend any young children to have these around and enjoy. I know I got a kick out of them, so parents would enjoy reading them right along with the kids. 

There’s two more books in the Adventures of Pookster and Bubs you can find them at
Bubs and the Pursuit of Puppiness  and Bubs and the Out-Of- Control Arm

**Disclosure-I received the books mentioned above from Bring it on Communications, to read and review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an honest review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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