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Friday, February 18, 2011

Morning Manna

That is the title of one of the books I was recently sent to review.

I love it.

It is simple, full of deep daily study and a great reading plan.

I love the title. God's Word should be our morning manna. It is spirit food for our day that only God can provide.

Oh, we can try to fill that spiritual longing with other things but only God's Word will truly feed us and make us healthy in Him.

I was so excited to start this devotional/Bible study because I just recieved an Archeological Bible for a present and these two books go hand in hand. I have really enjoyed digging into my daily devotions each day!

You could use Morning Manna for your personal study or a Bible study or Sunday School class. Each day's lesson is full of scripture and wonderful truths about the daily reading.

I look forward to using this book often!

I was also sent The Missionary to review. I have to admit that I chose this book with my husband in mind. Anything that says, "unimaginable nightmare of espionage ending in a desperate, life-or-death gamble to flee the country" screams a book my husband would love. He hasn't read it yet, but I know he will.

I saw him eyeing it while I was reading. Well, I kind of taunted him and said something like, "You are going to love this book."

I, on the other hand, usually enjoy more of a heart-warming and inspiring story. Something with a little romance mixed in. This book was more on-the-edge suspense than I'm normally up for but the writing was well done and the characters well developed. It really is a great story and is one that will make you think about what you would do. Truly a "roller-coaster read that will keep your adrenaline rushing!"

Yeah... that sounds like my husband, doesn't it?

Thanks to Bring It On! Communications for sending me these books to review!

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