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Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking for a great Summer read?

Review done by One Mommy
Lauri Khodabandehloo

Looking for a great summer read?

I was recently given the privilege of reading and reviewing the book, Lonely Girl, Gracious God by Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor Lauri Khodabandehloo.  Lauri writes a very personal and detailed account of her life with a daughter who was diagnosed with autism back in the 1980’s, before much was known about the disorder and treatment options were still experimental.  As a former teacher with some experience with autistic children, it was interesting to me to see how little was actually known about autism back then.

Lauri knew her fourth daughter, Farema, was different from her sisters when she was still an infant.  She describes the long nights with a baby who wouldn’t sleep and what she calls the “alien baby” routine.  Although she knew Farema was different, it was hard for her to admit her daughter had a problem.  Eventually Farema was tested and diagnosed with autism.  Throughout the book, Lauri describes how her faith in God helped her to not only accept the diagnosis but to also find ways to help  Farema, not only cope, but actually shine through ice skating.

Each of the early chapters left me eager to read the next just to see what would become of little Farema and if she would ever come out of her shell.  I was amazed by the strength and dedication that Lauri had as she dealt with her daughter’s difficulties.   The book was inspirational, not only in the successes that Farema had once she found the world of ice skating, but also through Lauri’s never ending faith.

Need a recharge?  Feeling uninspired?  Lost your faith?  You can find a copy of Lonely Girl, Gracious God at Amazon and at Deep River Books for the list price of $13.99.   You’ll be glad you did!


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**I received a free copy of this book from Bring It On! Communications for review purposes.  I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review.   All opinions are my own.

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