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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This book could easily be read in one draws you in!!

Review done by Abby

About the Author: Kristen Richburg is a mother of two who was adopted when she was a child.  She has a B.A. is social work and currently lives in Boulder County, Colorado.

About the Book: Disrupting Grace is the true store of Kristen Richburg and her family.  They had two children and after much thought and consideration they decided to adopt a child from Thailand.  In many stories we hear about adoption everyone lives happily ever after.  This is not a happily ever after story.  The child that the Richburg’s adopted, Emma, had suffered abuse and neglect before coming to live with their family and subsequently had a severe attachment disorder.   Disrupting Grace chronicles the Richburg’s time with Emma and their eventual relinquishment of her.

My Review: I had read several book about adoption in the past and while they did not always tell stories that were perfect and magical, in the end there was generally a happy ending.  Disruping Grace shows a completely different side of adoption, one that is far more common that most people realize.  Many children who are adopted have issues similar to the ones that Emma had and as the Richburgs found these issues cannot easily be solved through love alone or through the help of therapies.

This book really drew me in.  It was well written and since it came from a mother’s perspective I felt that I could truly relate to Kristen Richburg even though I have not had similar experiences.  It was evident that Kristen and the entire Richburg family truly did love Emma and did everything they possibly could to help her and make her life better, including eventually relinquishing her in hopes that her new family would be better suited to meet her needs.

Kristen Richburg was very open about how her family’s experience with Emma affected relationships with the rest of their immediate and extended family as well as with friends.  I also enjoyed reading about how it changed her relationship with God and with herself.

This is a very quick read (only 136 pages) and could easily be read in one day since it really draws a reader in and makes you want to keep reading.  This is a book that I will be passing on to friends for sure!

Buy It: Disrupting Grace retails for $11.89 from Amazon.  Pick up your copy today!


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