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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This book is not only great for adults, but young adults too!



Title: The Place of Belonging

Author: Jayne Pearson Faulkner

Janie, her mother and grandmother all live together in a small house in Great Falls, Montana. Janie’s mother works in a beauty salon. Janie’s father left town before she was even born. Life is simple and with a strong belief in God Janie and her small family of 3 enjoy life. Janie goes to school and each week she attends church.  One day Janie’s world is turned upside down when her mother falls in love and eventually marries a farmer named Gunder.

I really enjoyed reading The Place of Belonging. This book brought me right to Montana in the 1940′s.  I was transported to another place and time and really enjoyed it. This uncomplicated and simply told story was a pure joy to read. The beautifully descriptive words made me feel like I was there staring up at the ”Ole Buttermilk Sky”. The Place of Belonging is a heart wrenching memoir told through the eyes of little Janie and her struggle to find her place of belonging in a world turned upside down.  I often felt like I was reading Janie’s personal  journal because of her continual monologue throughout. 

 Janie’s strong faith and trust in her mother would help guide her along a difficult sometimes lonely path. Janie tries desperately to find where she belongs and trusts that if she obeys and trusts in the Lord she will find her place of belonging. Janie eventually ends up moving to the farm with her mother, step-father and countless siblings, she helps her mother with her new ever expanding family and eventually finds where she belongs.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick enjoyable book to take them away to another place and time. Although it is intended for adults I really think young adults and teens would thoroughly enjoy this book as well.

I was sent a free copy of The Place of Belonging for review purposes. I was not asked or monitalry compentated to give a positive reveiew. The above thoughts are my own.


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