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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Need a Spiritual Pick-Me-Up?

Review done by Amber

When the Brook Dries Up
Blondina Howes Jeffrey

Publishing Details

Publisher: Deep River Books
Date: January 01, 2011
ISBN13: 101-935265047-4
ISBN:  13 9782935265474

Paperback : $11.04 Amazon

A study based on 1 Kings 17:1-16

When the Brook Dries up is a study based on 1 Kings 17:1-16.  Is God ever enough?  The book talks about the many hardships people face in a life time.  As we struggle, grieve, or fail we often question why God?  Are you really here?  Why did you let this happen to me?  

As you read you are often reminded, even if unaware to you God has a plan.  He will not give you more than you can bare

This book will make you stop and consider the times in your life you have questioned God.  Has he always come through?  Were there unanswered prayers in your life that you did not understand at the time, but later saw that God new best?  Have you or are you in a spiritual drought?  We have all probably been there at some point or will be.  I have certainly had times in my life when I have questioned Why? or Where are you?  How could you let this happen.   Haven't you?  Is it sinful to blame God?  Does God forgive such thoughts?   Have you ever had these kind of questions?  Have you ever had these thoughts?  Then you may want to pick up When the Book Dries Up, and give it a try.  

What is a dried up brook?  "A dried up brook is a place where God's promises and provisions have seemingly been exhausted, been dissipated, have disappeared. It can represent a place where hope and expectation are lost and despair, doubt , fear and panic can become tyrannical masters."(p55)

When the Brook Dries Up  leads you though scripture to discover things about yourself, your own faith.  To remind that you that even if in a bad situation now you are not alone.  It may seem that way but you are not.  

Personally, I do not think this is my style of writing.   I would not  have grabbed it off of the shelf at the library or my favorite book store.   However, I can certainly see a Sunday school class using it as a method of study or other church group.  Definitely an inspirational type book for someone who is going through challenges in life, and needs to rekindle their faith.  So, I would gladly recommend it to my Pastor or someone who needs a pick me up or spiritual motivation.  

I was provided a free copy of this book to review.  These are my honest opinions. 
Thank You Bring It On Communications for the opportunity to work with you and this book to review.

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