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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Glimpsing God"
Book Review & Giveaway

I was given the opportunity recently to review a book through Bring It On Communications.  I love reading, but can't always find the time to sit down with a good book.... and actually read more than a few pages at a time! In fact, I don't normally do book reviews, because of the length of time it takes me to complete a book.

However, Glimpsing God by Rachel Alkire, caught my interest right away, and I was drawn in by the beautiful and powerful cover.  After reading the blurb below, I decided it was definitely something I wanted andNEEDED to read ... and I'm so glad I did! This was a very quick read, and one you don't want to put down.

Here is a brief glimpse into Rachel's amazing story...

"Why do bad things happen to good people?  Does God really care?  This dramatic true story by Rachel Alkiretells of her near-death experience, and details how her daughter's skull was crushed by bullies, her oldest son was left lifeless on the side of the road in the aftermath of a car accident, and three of her five children were diagnosed with an irreparable genetic brain disorder -- one unbelievable tragedy after another.  And when life seemed to be at its lowest point, her husband suffered a crash that left him permanently disabled."

When tragedy strikes, do you wonder if you are being punished?
Or do you find the loving, merciful God carrying you through it all? says: "This true story begins with the typical struggles of a young family which were dramatically altered by several tragedies of hurricane proportions. It all began, when the author, a mother of five, suffered a near death experience. Not long after that some neighborhood bullies smashed her only daughter’s skull and then her oldest son was in a devastating auto accident that left him lifeless on the side of an expressway. When it seemed nothing more could possibly happen, three of her five children were found to have an irreparable genetic brain disorder in which the odds were one in a million. Surely, this Job-like story would come to an end but not until the semi crash on a bridge one dark stormy night that permanently disabled her husband.

How can one family shoulder the unbelievable burdens? How can one woman find peace in the midst of the turmoil tearing at her family? Where is God? Why is He punishing them? Will He help them withstand the pressures or will it destroy them?

“Glimpsing God” is truly for anyone, but above all, the many who are wandering through that spiritual jungle of hurt, pain and confusion about their own circumstances. It’s for those who’ve wondered why God allows bad things to happen to good people, (or who’ve even wondered did He bring the bad things upon them)."

My Thoughts ...

Glimpsing God is a very moving story about a wife and mom to 5 small children, who has had to endure trial after trial in her life. A mom striving for only the best for her family, but feeling the pressure of all the obstacles falling into her path ... and at times ... posing the question that many of us have asked ... "Why do bad things happen to good people?!"

I can relate to Rachel Alkire's story in SO many ways! As a loving wife and mom with 5 children of my own, I've had to overcome many a heartwrenching ordeal over the years as well.  From our family's past struggles with drug addiction and the situations we were thrown into because of it, struggling to deal with behavior and learning disabilities for two of our children, to a near death experience with our youngest child after she accidently ingested Excedrin as a toddler.  Add to that your everyday pressures of being a working mom with a now disabled husband, a nurse, teacher, chauffeur, housekeeper, therapist, psychologist, babysitter andMORE, who wouldn't feel crazy and hopeless at times. As mom, I am the one that brings a "happy face" to whatever situation we face... trying to spare my family as much pain as possible. I am the "bandaid to their bruises."

I have found myself many times in the past asking God ... "WHY? What did we do to deserve this?" And after I've prayed, cried it out, and prayed some more ... HE gives me a much needed kick in the behind and says "HEY, you have 5 children and a husband that love and need you, and you WILL get through this too with MY help!" And yes, IHAVE gotten through these things and more ... with HISlove and kindness. Trusting and believing in HIM gives me the knowledge and reassurance that "this TOO shall pass."  And I wake up every morning with a bright outlook ... a new beginning... and with the Lord by my side, I am armed and ready for whatever the day may bring me ... good or bad ... happy or sad.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Rachel's book and the ones that mirrored my own feelings and experiences the most ...

"I turned to the One who knows all, the One who created heaven and understands our bodies.  Some say what great faith I have, but you need to grasp it wasn't faith alone that turned me to God.  I will tell you -- it was desperation!"

"Giving up for feeling pity wouldn't have helped anything. That survivalist mentality was what carried us through many rough days. Little did I know, it wasn't over, and no matter how good an attitude I had, it wasn't going to be enough.  We would need more than a good attitude and a hope that God would work it out.  We would need God Himself!"

And lastly ... "There will never be an "end" to this journey we're on; the scenery just continues to change."

You can purchase your own copy of Glimpsing God by Author, Rachel Alkire published in 2010 and cover design by Joe Bailen (ISBN #978-1-935265-20-7) and other wonderful Christian books by visiting Deep River Books. (Valued at $14.99)

Bring It On Communications has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers 2 books of their choicefrom the titles listed below:

Glimpsing God
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The Next Great Move of God
Author: Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn 
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DISCLOSURE: Bring It On Communications has allowed me the opportunity to review one of their Christian books, Glimpsing God, and to offer one of my readers a chance to win TWO books of their choice from the titles listed above through a giveaway.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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