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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"The Rose Princess and the Special Gift" Book Review

The Rose Princess and the Special Gift
Written by: Mike de Vetter
Illustrated by: Travis Orams
Published by Fish Pond, a division of Deep River Books

Here's a short description of the book, found on the back cover:

Not far from here lives The Rose Princess in a kingdom ruled by her father the King. One morning she awakes to find a splendid package at the end of her bed full of gifts and a card from her father encouraging her to use the gifts wisely. Unaware of what lies ahead, the princess sets out on a journey of learning and adventure where she meets several people who are in need. Suddenly she realizes that the gifts she has received can help the others, and that she has to make a choice...keep the gifts to herself, or help others by giving the gifts away. 

In The Rose Princess and the Special Gift, children embrace the heart of generosity and begin to make conscious decisions to share and give people who are in need. They learn that they have the ability to lead and influence simply by being a positive example.

I loved reading this book! It is still a little wordy for my 9 month old, but it was a really quick read for myself that I completely enjoyed. I would say that this book is perfect for girls ages 5-10.  Not only is the book well written and easy for a child to understand, it also has bright colorful illustrations. This book is great to teach your child(ren) the importance of generosity and sharing. 

You can purchase this book on by clicking here!

*I was not paid for this review. I only share my honest opinions. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review item.*

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