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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

REVIEW: Midnight Rising Warning Signs for this Generation, by Wm. Anderson Simpson

Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for this Generation is a tremendously insightful book of scripture and insight concerning the coming Rapture.  Wm. Anderson Simpson dares to bring to light the frightening signs that this time is much closer than The Church believes {or admits} and we, as humble followers of the Lord, should begin to prepare for our eternal life with God.

I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed reading this book and considering the possibilities that these signs have opened to me, but I know that I will surely be thinking of my salvation more often.  If you're looking for a book full of facts, scripture, and interesting interpretation of signs that were predicted in both Daniel and Revelation then you really need to read this book!

I was given the privilege of interviewing Wm. Anderson Simpson, and I am delighted with his responses!  They are uplifting and wonderful, and I hope you enjoy delving a bit into the mind of the man who helped me realize that we are closer to meeting the Lord than once thought.

QUESTION: How long did it take you to piece together your ideas and conclusions that can be found in Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for this Generation?

ANSWER: I have studied the prophets seriously since the mid-to-late ‘70s. When Anwar Sadat went to Jerusalem and they came together under President Jimmy Carter in 1979, I had my first inkling that the U.S. could be involved in some way. That led to a more pointed study. I read what other theologians had written on the matter, most only lending a line or two concerning the revival of the old Roman Empire.  Walvoord’s statement that the U.S. would play a leading role, second only to the beast, in his 1964 book was very courageous, seeing that his contemporaries were all still hanging onto the four hundred year old interpretation.

After I read that, things started falling into place pretty quickly. Many prophecies concerning the end
times confirmed what I’d begun to understand. But my conclusions were pretty firmly entrenched by
the mid-‘80s. I was very busy with other ministries until 2007.

It was then that I realized that I needed to write a book. Naturally, I jumped ahead of God, and began
writing a dramatization of the Flood. During morning prayers, for a period of several weeks, I was
under the clear understanding that I was to stop what I was working on and write the book that you now have. Nevertheless, wanting to finish the Flood book, I resisted until I knew that it was foolish to make God wait. Writing it took about three months, and editing, another three months.
QUESTION: You said that we are not yet meant to understand what John’s prophecy means by the beast’s “mortal wound” that was healed. Keeping with the theory that the Antichrist willrise out of the United States, do you have any speculation as to whether this wound may bethe United State’s rise from financial ruin after the current recession that many fear will
end our financial dominance over the rest of the world?

ANSWER: Not really. I think the financial disaster played a big part in the nation’s swing to the left, with its promise of change. And it may yet lead to the disaster that will befall the world during the
tribulation. I see where you are coming from, but I tend to agree with Scofield and others who
suggest that it was the imperial form of the Roman Empire that was mortally wounded, only to
be revived by a “little horn” that would spring from among ten nations that we parts of the Old
Empire, grow great, defeat three of those European nations, and come to lead the West as the final
form of the old Roman Empire.

We may see the U.S. economy collapse, but so will the other economies around the world, leading
to a single currency worldwide. I know the powers that be have been working out a model of a
world currency, much like the European euro, for at least fifteen years, and that it is a practical
solution already, awaiting only the right crisis to spring that trap.

We won’t lose our dominance under such a regime, because we have assets to support our
position (and we have the most and the baddest bullets). We will continue to owe other countries
and our own investors, but the playing field will have been leveled somewhat. At some point,

after the rapture, there has to be a deep enough monetary crisis to force the world into a one-
world currency. It may be the rapture itself, as that will surely throw a major monkey wrench into
the world’s economies.

Nevertheless, who really knows? We certainly have started climbing out of the hole already.
Unemployment rates are back into single digits, housing starts have been up three or four
quarters in a row, banks are starting to lend money again. I know that much that is uncertain to us
today will be starkly clear to those who endure the tribulation.

QUESTION: Do you believe that the man who is to be the Antichrist is already aware of what he is?

ANSWER: I doubt it. I’m not sure that he ever thinks he’s that character. I think that he persuades himself that he indeed is God. It has happened many times in history, when leaders of great empires
have declared themselves gods. While it hasn’t happened lately, that does not preclude it from
happening at any time. Once the beast knows that he actually controls the entire world, I can see
how he might see himself this way.

But it’s more complicated than that. This individual will be indwelt by the devil himself. Satan
knows his end. But the individual into whom he enters may never know that he is indwelt by
Satan. He may simply believe himself to be intelligent beyond parallel in human history, capable
of doing his will everywhere, wiser than Solomon and greater than Christ; for his kingdom extends
to all the earth, whereas Christ never even came into His kingdom.. It’s a short hop from there
to, “Oh, I must be the second coming of Christ!” Whatever the case, he will fall far short in his
estimation of the power of our great God. He will be responsible for his own actions.

QUESTION: Those who are left after The Rapture, may they still join God if they desire?

ANSWER: Absolutely. The gospel that they will hear and must believe in that day is not the gospel of grace that we preach today, but it will be the same gospel of the kingdom that Jesus preached in His first advent: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” That is all anyone in the tribulation must
believe in order to be saved. Unfortunately, such faith comes at a price – decapitation. Few will
be the saints who survive the tribulation to repopulate the earth, but those multitudes who lose
their lives in that day will be resurrected and glorified at the end of the tribulation, along with all
of the Old Testament saints. The tribulation period saints who survive to the end will enter the
millennial kingdom and reform the nations of the earth. These are those over whom we will reign
during the Kingdom Age. However, they do not have to understand any complex theology; only
that the Jewish Messiah is coming soon.

There is a caveat to that, however. If a person has heard and rejected the gospel of God’s grace
during his life prior to the tribulation, he will be sent a strong delusion so that he will believe the
lie. When we witness to someone, we are placing them in grave danger. If they refuse us, it may

be the only chance that they get before the rapture. Then it is certain that they will not be saved.
They will follow the beast into perdition.

Thus, the answer is yes and no. Yes to anyone who has not heard it (you’d be amazed how many
people that might be, even in this age of technology and communication), and no to those who
have heard it and rejected it. These are not only the most exciting times in the history of the
world; they are also the most dangerous. Our responsibilities are heightened, and our sense of the
imminence of the rapture ought to be tinged with a hue of immediacy.

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