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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hot Read! The Key To The Kingdom

I have to admit, I wondered what The Key To the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon would hold.  The book, based on the dreams of Walt Disney and actual facts/Disney trivia, had me wondering if this could possibly be an exciting novel, and after ripping through the book in about 2.5 days it was an adventure I'm glad I took!

Grayson Hawkes ventures off the beaten path to meet a long time friend in a dark cottage (which inspired the movie Snow White), where he is given a mysterious key and a message to use the key wisely.  That night, his friend disappears and Hawk must use his knowledge of Disney trivia along with a string of clues left behind by his missing friend Farren Rales to bring him back.  Hawk, a pastor of a local church, finds himself running all hours of the day and night trying to find the next clue.  It's an adventure extreme, as Hawk lands behind the scenes, searching for clues where visitors are not allowed to go.   Somehow he has to determine who is helping him, and who is against him. As the cover says, "In this world, Disney trivia is no game...and the ancient key is the only way out."  

I could not put the book down! If I had taken the Evelyn Woods speed reading course I would have certainly applied it here!  The only hope I had was to drink more coffee and to stay up late, just so I could get to the next chapter! I even read while I was driving.  Don't worry, my husband had a hold of the wheel.   Dixon does a great job of incorporating Disney facts while adding in a flair of his own brilliant imagination to make The Key To the Kingdom come to life. 

What I loved the most is that it was a mystery full of suspense that is written in such a clean form that I could pass the book on to my pre-teens.  And I love how the story kept twisting and turning, right up until the last page.  This is a must read for anybody (any age) who loves Disney facts, and for anyone who doesn't!

Disney.....if you are listening this book should be your next big adventure movie and theme park ride!  I find that I am planning my family adventure to Disney World, just so I can see what is real and what is not!  I am instantly fascinated beyond my limited knowledge of how the parks were created, WHY each themed area was created, and how each intricate detail of the park has a story to tell.

Nice work Dixon!  You may have just landed yourself a new movie and ride! 
Retail: $15.99
EAN: 9781935265245
ISBN: 1935265245

Publisher: Deep River
Pub Date: December 1, 2010
You can pick up this hot book at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, CBD and other fine retailers.  This book should be on the shelf of a Barnes and Noble near you-I suggest that you not only buy it, but tell them to order more!!!!!

This review is by Rhonda Funk, publicist (Owner of Bring It On! Communications) and author (Pookster and Bubs™ book series).  All views expressed are my own. And, I would love to hear your view!  Please, read the book, and give us your best shot-We can handle the truth!

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