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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pickle_cover_72dpiPookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle
by Rhonda Funk
Illustrated by Eric Kieninger
ISBN-13: 978-1935265405
Publisher: Fish Pond Kids
Pookster thinks that pickles are a wonderful treat-they are nice and crunchy, sort of sour and nearly perfect, (other than they're a vegetable and look like they're covered in frog skin!) Never-the-less, she is very protective of her pickles. So when her brother Bubs brings his toy soldiers to the table during her pickle eating break, she thinks they are there to swipe her green treat and take it to their leader. Planning for the battle of Kosher Dills, Pookster assumes the worst, and does what any normal little girl would do...however, Pookster's choice of sweet or sour words will mean the difference between keeping her pickle…or losing it to Mommy forces!

Poor Bubs, caught in the crossfire is stunned at her response! After all, he was just playing soldiers! Pookster decides she should tattle on her big brother, but Mom has already seen the whole thing. Pookster is about to learn a valuable lesson when it comes to her Pickle Protection Program, and how a pickle can disappear, just like that!

This silly story about an over-protective pickle eater teaches a valuable lesson on kindness and how our sweet words glorify God, but our sour words hurt people.
Pookster Unloose Tooth   Pookster and the Unloose Tooth
by Rhonda Funk
Illustrated by Eric Kieninger
ISBN-13: 978-1935265405
Publisher: Fish Pond Kids
Pookster prays each night that God would help her lose her teeth, but apparently He has something different in mind. Taking matters into her own hands one crazy night, Pookster and her big sister decided that her un-loose tooth COULD come out with a little help. What happened next, (to the horror of Bubs) was a tooth extraction of a slamming door kind- and a real life opportunity to sing “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.”

Spring has sprung, Easter has come and gone, but Pookster hasn't seen much of her two front teeth. She's TIRED of eating apples and leaving rows, or eating her spaghetti noodles and not being able to cut them off. Now she's begging for God to bring back her chompers. It's funny, she wanted so badly to lose them, but now she just really wants them back!

Too bad Pookster has to learn the hard way that sometimes it’s better to wait on God than it is to do things on your own!
My Review
I first wanted to mention that these books come with an audio CD featuring the author’s children! How cool is that? I didn’t listen to them because I wanted them intact for the person who won them.
In the Unloose Tooth, the message is “A Lesson On Patience” and teaches kids that we might want something to happen right away and get ahead of what God wants. In the end, it’s always better to wait on God’s timing.
In the Practically Perfect Pickle we learn that words can be sweet or sour. Pookster thinks her brother’s army guys are after her pickle and says some sour things to him. Her mom compares pickles to attitudes in a way I think kids will understand an relate to.
I like that at the end of the books we read what Pookster learned and also read a scripture that goes along with the story.
Rhonda FunkAbout the Author
Rhonda Funk-Public Speaker, Singer, Songwriter with three independent releases. Publicist and owner of Bring It On! Communications. Married, mother of four.

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