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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two Reviews!

Cut in Half & Disrupting Grace -Review

Bring It On! communications recently sent me two more books to review.
I selected these books because they were real life stories. They were difficult stories and I knew I would learn something as I read about what God had brought them through.

The first book I read was "Cut in Half" by Ana Le Roux.

"Ana le Roux was an average thirty something mother who served God, her husband and her two children, the youngest barely three-weeks-old. But on January 5, 2003 one instant sealed her fate in an unimaginable chain of events. Le Roux was involved in a violent head on collision after she instinctively and selflessly sacrificed her life in an attempt to save the lives of her children. The impact occurred with such force that the seat belt fastened around her waste literally cut her in half! After a seemingly endless dialogue with God, she struggled indecisively to make the choice to live or to die. So, she did the only thing left to do; she relinquished her freedom of choice to God Almighty." - from Deep River Books website

I read this book in one afternoon. I was impressed with this woman's story and her faith as she walked through pain and heartache. I also loved how she set up the chapters in her book. Each chapter begins with scripture and ends with questions and things to think about. I may not have experienced what she has been through but I was able to apply many things from her story to my life.

The second book that I read was "Disrupting Grace: A story of relinquishment and healing" by Kristen Richburg.

"We have two children. We used to have three. Our third child didn’t grow up and leave home, she didn’t die. We relinquished her. Aren’t adoption stories supposed to have happy endings? While there are many adoption stories that do have happy endings, this is not one of them. And we’ve come to learn we are not alone. More and more families are finding themselves in situations similar to ours, feeling like there is no way out. This book is my story of adopting a child who was unable to attach. It is a chronicle of investment and sacrifice in our daughter, the pain and loss we experienced, the grief of darkened hopes and loss of a dream. It is also a story of grace and healing, of relinquishment and new beginnings." - Deep River Books website

I was very curious about this book. We are hearing more and more about adoption these days which is a very good thing! We are a family that intends to adopt at some point in our lives. We have family members who have adopted. So, what kind of story leads to the end of an unhappy adoption?

I think I felt every feeling reading this book. I felt the agony of this family as they tried for 5 years to meet the needs of a precious little girl. I felt their agony when they realized that this little girl may thrive better somewhere else. This is a heart-breaking story of God's grace. A story of how faithfully He meets us when we are at the end of ourself.

Both of these books were hard to read and very emotional. Both ended in difficult ways. But both give glory to God for His hand at work in their situations. Both books remind us that He is at work in the good times and the bad times.

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