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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Midnight Rising: Warning to this Generation

By: WM. Anderson Simpson
If you’re like me and love to read books that break down the scripture then you should read this. WM. Anderson Simpson does a wonderful job taking many verses related to the rapture and walking you through them. He even relates many of them to things that are happening all around us today. At first glance the cover will draw you to at least pick this book up. The darkness of the cover with the clock gives you the feeling of time running out. Personally, I don’t think this is a book I would come across read the back cover and feel an urge to read. I have to say though it only took a few seconds of reading to actually draw me in. 

I’m far from a biblical scholar, what I know of the bible is mostly what I learned has a child. I consider myself to be a Christian and have a strong desire to want to learn more. I was very impressed overall with this book. WM. Anderson Simpson did a wonderful job at explaining some key versus of the bible that I’ve never heard explained. Many pastors seem to steer clear of Revelations and when they do get into it they still seem to somehow distance their selves from what they believe it is saying or just simply give you the summarized version, skipping many verses. I call this the fear of stepping on someone’s “toes”. I was very happy to have so many versus dealing with the rapture broken down and explained. This book is a definite eye opener and makes you really stop and think. What if the rapture is upon us? Are we ready? 

Now, like I said after starting the book I was completely drawn into it but I did have a problem that seemed to pull me away. Throughout the book he would point the finger at who “Evangelicals” believe to be the antichrist. He then would say he isn’t saying this is the person, but maybe and this is why. I still completely felt of course this is who he also feels it is. Every time this would come up in the book, I would feel distant from all the other information he shared. Just one of those things you hear a hundred times and it starts to annoy you, and I’m not even a fan of this person. I did see how this person could easily relate too many of the verses that were pointed out, but we all know there are many others over the years that have also easily related to those same scripture. I always think that is something to keep in one’s mind instead of calling out the “wrong” (maybe, one never knows) person.

 I will have to say this book was so intriguing that it sparked a family bible study with my own family. When I had only read half way through the book, I wanted to share this information and get others opinion on it. I called up my parents and sister, that night we all met and had our very own bible study. Focusing on verses Simpson had written about in the book. Not all books make me want to do something like this, so you can imagine how drawn in I truly was. To think if I had just went off what the back cover said, I would have never read it. I really thought it was just another one of those books pointing at a person saying he is the Antichrist, but I got so much more out of this one book. So do I recommend this book to anyone? Of course, this is such a wonderful an easy to follow book. If you’re interested in reading on the rapture or having a better understanding of verses in the bible dealing with the rapture, then this book is a wonderful place to start. 

ISBN 10: 193526530X
ISBN 13: 9781935265306
Publisher: Deep River Books Sisters, Oregon
Price: $14.99
disclosure:  I received the book Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for this Generation to read and review.  No monetary compensation was received for this post.  This is the honest opinion of Tracy Martin from Life of this sahm and has not been reviewed or edited by anyone else.

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