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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for this Generation
Written by William Anderson Simpson
Foreworded by Earl D Radmacher

ISBN 13:  9781935265306
Published 2009 by Deep River Books
Retail $14.99

From the Cover:

An American Antichrist? Judge for yourself.

During the U.S. elections of 2008, a number Evangelicals began raising the cry that the rapture is near. America is the nation that has consistently been the broker for Middle East peace. Midnight Rising make the case for an American antichrist in a scholarly and thorough way. The entire geo-political stage is aligned for the events that follow the rapture, and the push is on to resolve the one issue that holds back the dark days of the tribulation - the sigining of a Middle East peace agreement.
Simpson points out that whichever president is in power when the light of his reason proves to be darkness, he will be known for certain by the brokering of a comprehensive Middle East peasce traty between Israel and "many." It could be this presidet ... but it could just as easily be the nexxt, or one of many down the line. 
In these pages you will find a biblical argument in favor of the Evangelicals' urgent call for teaching an preaching concerning the things abou tot burst forth onto the world stage. 
If you truly believe the rapture is near shouldn't you be gleaning some understanding of the times and seasons? Shouldn't that momentous event be at the forefront of our teaching of Christians? Shouldn't our ministry of the word of reconciliation be focused?
What's My Opinion?

When I was asked to do a book review, I was really excited especially by a Christian author. I wasn't sure what to expect because It's not a book I've heard about. When I received it, I jumped right in without reading the back of the book. I was shocked through the first few pages. I believe very much in the tribulation and the second coming! I have never studied Revelations in-depth so to read about all the warning signs it's something I can appreciate. With the book being geared toward a younger generation, I felt like it could have been written on a younger level. It's a very direct and to the point book which as a Christian I appreciate. I love that the books purpose is to make you realize there are so many warning signs that are leading us into the end times. I enjoyed learning from Midnight Rising! This is truly a great book and I recommend it to all!

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