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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Next Great Move of God~Review


I recently had the opportunity to review 

Available at Amazon for $9.63

ISBN-10: 1935265059

Here is a look at the Table of Contents:

1. Restoring the Hebrew Roots of our Faith.
2. Returning to the Ancient Paths
3. Symbols of our Faith
4. Understanding the Times
5. It's Time to Turn toward Jerusalem
6. Keys to the Heart of the Kingdom
7. America is a Judeo-Christian Nation
8. One New Man

From the book:

Find the key to godly success in faith, family, finances, and fellowship with Him. Most Christians have understood the topic of salvation, but have never contemplated the Jewishness of Jesus. Understanding the culture in which Jesus lived will help you properly interpret the Bible. The Next Great Move of God-Christians Returning to Their Hebraic Roots will open your eyes to the Jewish world of Jesus. This profound book reveals that the Christian Life is much more than salvation; it’s a lifestyle of obedience to the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

What I thought:

This book is very thought provoking. I found it is easy to read and yet I will be pondering this book for sometime. Being a Christian I have always thought that the fact that Jesus was Jewish was very important. I have read about some of the Jewish traditions and talked with my Jewish friends about the importance of Jewish traditions, feast days and symbols. To be honest I have never understood why we were not taught about this important part of Jesus in Sunday School when I was growing up. When I have asked this question to some of my Christian friends I have had looks of why? Why would I want to know or acknowledge this part of our Christianity.Why should we care what does it matter? Why would we not?

Why not embrace those traditions that were so very important so long ago in the Old Testament. I remember the first time our church had a Symbolic Seder Feast. I grew up in a Methodist church and this was just not done. I am thankful to my pastor at that time for doing this. It gave me a greater understanding as to why Passover was so important. Our pastor also took us to a Jewish Temple where we were able to attend Temple and listen to the Rabbi. We have done some teaching with our children as to the importance of these symbols, feasts and traditions and how they play an important part of our faith.

This book is packed full of information and facts and Bible references to the Jewish roots of Christianity. It gives explanations as to why we should embrace our Jewish roots and why it is important and relevant to our faith today. I think anyone wanting to have a greater understanding our Jewish roots would gain wisdom and understanding from reading this book.

Disclosure: This is a MamaBuzz review. I was provided a copy of The Next Great Move of God from Bring It On Publications in exchange for my honest review. All opinions in this post and on this blog are my own.

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