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Friday, November 19, 2010

 A Word to the End -Time Church

· By Georgie Newman
· ISBN # 1935265024
· VMI Publishers (March 1, 2010)
· $14.99

“Never before in history have we needed to take stock of what we believe, why we believe and how we live. As a collective, the human race is rushing towards a culmination of a time that will seal our futures forever. Yet only individually can each of us ensure our future. This book points out the dangers and errors of embracing teachings just because the majority is running with it; we need not be part of the status quo. It demonstrates how to take the road less traveled that leads to victory ensuring a safe and glorious future. It is warning of false prophets, lukewarm living and relinquishing our responsibility by following a particular teaching. Don’t wait till later, because later may be too late. “

My Take on Georgie Newman's Book
Though I do not completely agree with Newman on this issue she makes very fine points on the end of times. Where will we all be during this time? Will we be depending on someone else, or will we all choose to take strength in our own faith and not falter?
Her writing is true to the bible as it’s written and she’s laid out some very important points. In one of her statements she points out how hard it is for some to accept Christ just as it is to accept anything in life. Whether fear, pride or other things stopping us from embracing life choices everyone deals with this tough decision at some point in time. It is very true, even Christians true to their beliefs have a hard time believing things. She makes a good point that alot of people these days fall into, saying they believe yet they are living their life half-heartily. I think as a parent I teach my kids to go in with everything, not just part way. Everyone needs to put their whole being into what they believe, what ever that is. I myself don't know the point on going at something halfway, wouldn't you end up falling short before you even tried? Go at it with drive, believe in it, as well as yourself, the outcome depends on you. Choose your path yourself, don't let someone else choose it for you.

 This book makes a good read and a good study and discuss while going back to find the truth for yourself. Whether you believe or not she makes a good eye opener with her book. Do not rely on others when ever the time is coming, take responsibility for what you believe and prepare no matter what the cost in the future.

The book would make an interesting read for anyone questioning themselves as well as what could happen in the future. Though we do not know when the end will come, Georgie gives a good start on focusing on how to be prepared for it.

**I received a copy of Georgie Newman, A Word to the End-Time Church, in order for me to write an honest review. Any and all Opinions are and will always be my own.**

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