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Thursday, November 18, 2010

title pic Midnight Rising-review

Midnight Rising-Warning Signs for this Generation by Wm. Anderson Simpson takes the reader and believer to a new level. The things he wrote about the Rapture, End Times prophecy and the Scriptures he uses to back it up are actually nothing new, but his take on current news, events, and where America stands is.
There are so many “schools of thought” on where America is for the End Times prophecies. One is that America really doesn’t have a role in the Biblical sense, another says that America is the “Mystery Babylon” talked about in Revelation 17. This author takes the view that the anti-Christ will come from America, and it is the revised Roman Empire. He states,
…Those ten nations (the horns in Daniel’s vision) remain separate nations, distinct from one another, but all contribution to the transplantation of Old Rome onto the shores and soils of the New World. That the United States of America was founded by literal descendents of the Roman Empire is indisputable…
Mr. Anderson goes on to say that either our current President, or a near successor will be the anti-Christ coming from America. He does not point direct fingers to name this person of course, but shows the reasons why it COULD be. He is very careful to not name dates, or exact people, or places, but shows Biblical prophecy as it is unfolding on the evening news. His call to look for the imminent Rapture to occur leads the believer back to hope. Hope that the Lord will soon come and take His bride into Heaven.
If you truly understand the rapture is near, shouldn’t you be gleaning some understanding of the times and seasons? Shouldn’t that momentous event be at the forefront of our teaching of Christians? Shouldn’t our ministry of the word of reconciliation be focused?
This book is one I would share with others easily, as I think the message is relevant, valid, and needs to be spread. We have, as a generation, become complacent in the looking for the Lord and spreading the gospel. This could be our wakeup call to really press in and evangelize the world!
The thing I didn’t like about this book, is there are no chapters. The book is one large chapter, beginning to end. I am very OCD about chapters, I guess. It makes it easier for me to go back to find a quote, or a passage I like. It did make it harder to read, but his words are so urgent, so needed, that I was able to get beyond that.
If you have lost the blessed hope of the Rapture, or have questions about the End Times, this book is for you!
I was given a FREE copy of this book for the purpose of this review, and no other monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine. Thank you for the chance to read and review this book!

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  1. I have just finished this book myself. I do get very intimidated by books about the rapture as growing up no one would really answer questions I had for it. This books covers alot of what is already been said over time, but he makes vaild points that are true to this world today.
    I also didn't enjoy the "missing chapters" I myself stop at a new chapter so I can mark things and go back. The books has sticky notes in it, for this now :)