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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: A Word to the End Time Church


A Word to the End Time Church (ISBN: 1935265024, published in 2009 by VMI Publishers), by Georgie Newman, is a book that challenges Christians to evaluate their walk with the Lord.  I found Ms. Newman's testimony very interesting, and it helped me understand the urgency expressed throughout the book.  She grew up in a Christian home, but fell away from the Lord when she was older, searching for peace in all the wrong places.  It was until her life hit rock bottom that she started reading her Bible and decided to give the Lord a chance again.  In her book, she answers many of the questions you hear from skeptics, probably thoughts she pondered many a time.  Thoughts such as, "Why would I want to be a Christian?  The ones I know are horrible!" or "Jesus was just a fabled good man - if I'm a good person, I'm sure I'll go to heaven."

I think Ms. Newman's book can be boiled down to her statement, "Making a decision to accept and follow Christ Jesus will secure your future."  As she points out, most people believe in their own sense of self-sufficiency, and either feel that they don't need the Lord at all or just use him as an "insurance policy" against hell.  But, the uncertainty of the global state, the deeply saddening news each time you read the paper, even the extreme weather conditions, all seem to remind us that we have no real control over our life.  Yes, we might plan our comfortable 401(k), or send our children to a safe private school.  But, in all reality, we have no assurance of anything - the only thing that will ever give us true peace of mind is surrendering our entire life to the Lord.  A Word to the End Time Church is a terrific reminder to weigh the priorities in our life and have no doubts that we are fully living in accordance with the Bible.

If you're interested in reading A Word to the End Time Church, Amazon sells it for $11.69.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.

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