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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Midnight Rising by Wm. Anderson Simpson

I received a copy of the book, Midnight Rising: Warning Signs of This Generation (ISBN: 193526530X), by William Anderson Simpson.  Mr. Simpson, a pastor who authored a theological journal for many years, offers his opinions on the a question that has been the center of heated debate among Evangelical Christians.  Is Armageddon near?  He chronicles prophecy throughout the Bible, particularly focusing on John and Daniel.  And, lays out why he believes that both prophets clearly point toward the anti-Christ coming from the United States.

I found the book an interesting read, as I've heard many end-of-time prophecies.  For my readers who've been in church for any length of time, I'm sure you heard the dire predictions as well - that January 1, 2000 was most certainly doomsday or other dates that have also come and gone.  As I've seen pastor after pastor erroneously foretell the end of the world, I've become even more certain of the truth in Matthew 25:13, "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh."  I firmly believe that only the Lord knows the future - whether it be when I will die or when the world will pass away.

Mr. Simpson, while offering his own thoughts, steered away from dogmatically naming an anti-Christ or a date for Armageddon, as he too sees the wisdom in Matthew 25.  And, while I might not agree with all the conclusions he drew from Revelation, I do share his burden that preaching the Gospel is extremely important.  We will never know when the Lord will come, or when our life on earth will end - but, I do know that Jesus' salvation is the only thing that will keep me from an eternity separated from Him.  And, as Mr. Simpson pointed out, the precarious geo-political state that we live in should give us pause to evaluate what is truly important in our life.  Is it having a new car, a nice house, or even a cool blog? :)  Many times, I lose sight that my family, my character, and my relationship with the Lord are the only things that will matter in the long run.  Mr. Simpson's book reminded me to focus my attentions on what will truly matter.  And, if you're interested in reading Midnight Rising, published by Deep River Books in 2009,  you can find it on Amazon for $10.79.

Thank you to Bring It On Communications who sent me a copy of the book!

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