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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FIRST WILD CARD TOUR - book review

The Key to the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon
My Review

The Key to the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon is a fun mystery that will take you deep into the world of Walt Disney!

My Dad and his family are from Marceline, MO, which was the home of Walt Disney for part of his childhood. That is their big claim to fame in that tiny little town. So, I grew up knowing a whole lot about Walt Disney. Plus, back when I was growing up, we watched the weekly Walt Disney show. I think we probably knew a lot more about him than young people today might. When you say Walt Disney today, most young people probably only think of the theme parks and not the individual.

This book is an extremely creative mystery that involves a pastor named Grayson Hawkes, who is a huge fan of Walt Disney. He knows everything there is to know about Disney trivia. A friend of his happens to work for Disney, and calls him one night to a secret meeting. During this meeting, he gives him a clue and sends him a wild adventure. He isn't even sure what he's looking for, or why, but he knows it must be important. And, the further along he gets in his search, the more sure he becomes that he is onto something.

I would definitely recommend this fun mystery adventure! It's a light and fun read, but it also will keep you on your toes. It's fun to follow along with the clues and see if you can figure things out, especially if you are a Disney fan! He ends up going on some wild and dangerous clue hunts, and he's not sure who he can trust anymore! The author does a great job of blending in some great messages along the way! If you're a Disney fan, I know you'll love this one, or if you just love a good mystery!  
This book was provided for review by Bring It On! Communications and Deep River Books. 


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