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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Key to the Kingdom, a review

What do you get when you combine a scavenger hunt style mystery with Disney World?
Why, the new book, The Key to the Kingdom!
Written by Jeff Dixon, a preacher at Covenant Community Church in Central Florida and longtime Floridian, the book incorporates his love of Disney trivia with the parks as a backdrop for his novel.  The reader follows protagonist Grayson Hawkes (pastor of Celebration Community Church) as he goes after the trail left by friend and Imagineer Farren Rales after a mysterious late night meeting.  His friend has disappeared and following the path Rales has left seems to be the only way to discover what has happened to his friend.  In his possession is a skeleton key, called the Key to the Kingdom by Rales.  Using that key and some help from others, Grayson goes on his quest through the land of Disney.
The reader is treated to a variety of tidbits about Walt Disney and his legacy as Grayson tries to decipher the next clue.  While someone who has visited the different Disney sites might be quicker to pick up on things, even a Disney novice may enjoy the tome.  However, lovers of all things Disney may be the true adorers of this book.

Overall, this has been a fun read for me (it arrived late here in Alaska, so I’m only 2/3 of the way through the book with the tour happening today.)  Aside from providing entertainment away from the TV, the book has also reignited a desire to visit the Florida complex.  While I have been to Disney World and Epcot, there have been so many changes and additions since my last visit in 1987 that I might not even recognize most of it.  I suppose I can now start saving for a visit in the future with my boys.  (And, I’ll be suppressing my little green envy of people like Jeff Dixon who are local with annual passes to get their Disney fix throughout the year.)

The Key to the Kingdom retails for $15.99 and can be found at online retailers, including Barnes and Noble. You can follow Deep River Books, the publisher of this book, on Twitter or be a fan of The Key to the Kingdom on Facebook.

Disclaimer ~ This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Bring It On Communications! for this review.  No other compensation was given and the opinions expressed are my own.

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