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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FIRST WILD CARD TOUR - book review

The Key to the Kingdom - by Jeff Dixon

My family LOVES Disney.  If you check out my cruising link at the top of my blog, you'll see that we cruise with Mickey practically every year.  Before we discovered cruising with the Mouse, we visited his vacation hot spot in Orlando.  If it says Disney - I usually wear it, watch it, read it or at the very least...want it.
So you can imagine how thrilled I was to get the chance to review this book.  I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it, but alas, I was not as taken with it as I had hoped I would be.
The story line had such possibilities, the framework is all there, but there was just some things just not quite right about it.
The characters for one.  The main character in the book on this quest to keep Walt Disney's dream alive is a pastor.  Now that in itself isn't a problem, except for that throughout the whole book, this same pastor is constantly breaking the law, willfully I might add, and then drags his staff into it.  That just didn't fit for me.  I think had the main character had a different profession or been a teenager, I could have dealt with the utter fantastical (and quite unbelievable) quest.
As I said before I am a big Disney fan, not in a trivia sense necessarily, just more about the whole feeling the parks, resorts, cruises and characters give you.  I enjoy learning about the attractions, shows and rides, and the details that went into creating them, that being said, this book read more like a travel guide than it did like a story.  If I wanted a Disney Travel/Trivia book this would be right up there on the list, however I was looking for a story and I felt a little let down.  Maybe because I have read the Kingdom Keeper books, and found the concept similar, or maybe just because I couldn't get past the whole Preacher turned law breaker thing.
I do have to say though, I have a bit more Disney trivia now to bandy about on our next cruise should I need some good table conversation...

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