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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sand to Pearls Review & Giveaway

I can honestly say that it’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that has really moved me and inspired me….but lately, I’ve been reading Sand to Pearls by Heidi McLaughlin. I must say that this author is gifted not only in writing, but in expressing things to readers in a way that is very real and applicable to their lives.The ideas and thoughts she shares are not some high-up, far-off ideas that are so filled with expectations that one could never hope to achieve them, but they’re right on the reader’s level. The author has been where we as women are at, and she shares many of her own struggles and heartaches and frustrations, even funny moments from her life.
Sand to Pearls is about Making BOLD Choices to Enrich Your Life. Heidi truly does focus on the choices that we make as women and how they can make or break us in our physical, spiritual, and emotional lives. Throughout the chapters in this book, Heidi deals with certain topic matters, such as the “shoulds” in our lives, sabotage, friendship, resentment, contentment, forgiveness, etc. She not only shares stories and tidbits from her own life, but she also shares encouragement and advice for turning our thoughts and hearts around to where they should be. She offers step by step approaches to tackling our choices head on. At the end of each and every chapter, she uses the acronym STOP (Scripture verse, Thanksgiving, Observation, Prayer) for a time of reflection and prayer.
This book is full of “meat.” Heidi uses Scripture throughout, as the basis of her teaching; she also refers to several authors, experts, etc. There are inspirational quotes throughout, as well. I found the words of this book to be rich and meaningful; it was a book that could be read as a life study book, as a devotional book, as a leisure book, even in a discussion group with other women. This book would be great to read together with a group of girlfriends and discuss struggles and choices together. I found this book easy to read, easy to digest, but full of thought provoking power. I would definitely recommend it to any woman; I would even read it again, using it as a reference at times. The chapters on friendship really spoke to my heart, as it’s so easy to become so caught up in our own little worlds, with everything that is going on, everything on our to do lists, activities we’re involved in, work and the busyness of life, etc.
You can purchase Sand to Pearls for $12.99 from Deep River Books. This book is one book that every woman should read, especially if she longs to grow spiritually, making the choices God would have her to make. Be sure to Add Heidi McLaughlin as a Friend on Facebook, and follow @heidiheart on Twitter.

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