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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Testings of Devotion: The Heavenly Host Book 1~Review

The Testings of Devotion: The Heavenly Host Book 1 by Cheryl Dellasega
From the publisher:
The former archangel Lucifer thinks he can prove a point by destroying Mortals completely but Sophia, Senior Servant of the Heavenly Host, is determined to thwart his plan—and resist his temptations. As a created angel, she witnessed his fall from Heaven with horror but when she’s assigned to carry out The Testings of Devotion, she discovers just how strong the lure of Earth can be. Luckily, the archangel Gabriel is there to support her but his mysterious disappearances and silence about the fate of Sophia’s predecessor are disturbing. Her three assistants, the Selected Servants, also come with challenges: one moment they work with complete dedication and the next they openly rebel.

This story starts at the beginning of time, and it's told from the point of view of an angel named Sophia. Sophia was there when Lucifer was an archangel. When he made the decision to go against the God ,called the Almighty Divine in this story, and was thrown out of heaven.Sophia and the other angels have watched Lucifer become more evil and gain new followers throughout time. He runs rampant on the earth causing evil, pain and chaos in the lives of humans.
Sophia is a wonderful angel completely devoted to Almighty Divine.  She is chosen for a very special assignment to be senior servant over the heavenly host. In this story there are particular levels of heaven and Sophia is selected to be senior servant on the first level of heaven, the level closest to earth. She has resisted Lucifer’s temptations throughout time, when other angels succumbed to his lies and joined him.
Although she was chosen for this position, she questions her ability and worries that Lucifer will continue to tempt her. The Almighty Divine and the archangel Gabriel feel she is very capable of this position.
The Almighty Divine has created the testings of devotion, using the angels to guide mortals into a life devoted to the Almighty Divine. In order to further his kingdom on earth the Almighty Divine wants to test particular mortals to see if their faith is strong enough to serve him on earth.
In order to do the testing’s they have selected Ruth a mortal, to assist in these testing’s.
Ruth has died and gone to heaven and resides in the community of resting souls where mortals go until the end of time.  She along with two other angels, Miriam and Faras will be working with Sophia to carry out these testing’s.
Lucifer wreaks great havoc on earth and with the testings of devotion.  Sophia is not sure she can trust either of two the angels or Ruth. Events happen that cause great pain and test Sophia’s devotion and ability to do the job she has been assigned.

My thoughts:
I thought this story was well written and I did enjoy reading it. I am not sure that this is what heaven is really like but I do believe that angels are around us and assist God here on earth. 
This book is available at Deep River Books and Amazon.  

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